Street Furniture – Where Sustainability And Style Matters

Aesthetics and ecology have never been more important in defining the modern urban environment. With authorities, architects and designers demonstrating a previously unheard of level of consideration for the visual impact of street furniture accompanied by a never before seen onus on responsible practices, the world of street furniture has changed drastically.

Not only is there an increasing demand for responsibly sourced, sustainable solutions, constraints mean that durability is now a key consideration. Gone are the days when a bench was a bench and that was that. With the high street facing more pressure than ever before, local economies require a dynamic approach to urban development which means out-dated and uninspiring streetscapes are no longer an option. Despite the challenges, unprecedented levels of urban investment are being seen.

So, what considerations should a street furniture project take into account?


Sustainability should play a central part in any landscape or streetscape project today, and seating is no exception. Locally sourced Green Oak street furniture is a great example of an ecological approach. The wood begins its life in FSC certified forests before being sawn at local mills, ensuring top-quality timber with a minimal carbon footprint. Green Oak is particularly resilient and does not require the use of preservatives and chemical treatments at any stage of the manufacturing process, nor in future maintenance; helping to reduce the unnecessary release of chemicals into the atmosphere.


The correct choice of street furniture can play an important role in enhancing the aesthetics of any urban or rural landscape. Whatever the challenge, be it a park, street, tow path or seafront promenade, it is essential to capture the essence of the surroundings by choosing the right seating for the location.

The Green Oak Wave Bench is a great example of how street furnishing can be used to replicate the dynamics of the waves on a coastal waterfront. Robust and contemporary, it is a stylish and visually pleasing design that adds value to any promenade or waterfront setting and provides comfortable seating for both adults and children, making it ideal for family destinations.

In contrast, The Charred Green Oak Ripple Bench is a great example of a stylish bench for a modern setting. Constructed from a single, solid piece, it is an ideal public seating solution that looks great in any environment and makes a bold statement.


Street furniture can be a significant investment and must be able to stand up to the test of time. Durability should, therefore, be a key consideration.  With 24/7 exposure to the elements throughout the seasons, protecting street furniture from the weather is essential. Durable materials and free-draining seats can play a significant role in offsetting the impact of the natural environment. Another unfortunate reality of the modern world is the need to protect your investment from local threats. Vandal-proof or vandal-resistant construction is a must, and protection from skaters can be equally important. The latter can be addressed with features such as wave-top designs.

The Chris Nangle Green Oak Street Furniture range takes all of these factors into account.

Add to that the fact that we have been in the business for over 15 years, it is obvious that we are the safe choice for your street furniture needs.

Whatever your project, we can offer the perfect, ecologically responsible street furniture solution.