Famous Examples and Benefits of Green Oak

With over 600 known species of Oak readily available, it comes of no surprise that choosing the best material for carpentry purposes is an extremely difficult task.

How do we establish which type of Oak is the most durable, attractive, versatile and affordable?

And better yet: How do you know which type of oak is the best for the manufacturing of street furniture?

Though distinguishing one superior type of Oak for any carpentry project is a tough goal to achieve, there are a few types of Oak, which simply prevail because of their uniqueness.

One of the more notable types of premier Oak is Green Oak.

Green Oak is a fundamental material in the timber industry thanks to its ability to hold a moisture content greater than its fibre saturation point.

It is responsible for producing ecologically responsible landscape furniture and beautiful, intricate designs.

In many instances, when exposed to excessive amounts of water, timber will shrink and on some occasions, possibly distort.

This is where GreenĀ Oak is in a league of its own: After being exposed to excessive amounts of water, Green Oak obtains the ability to naturally dry down by 18%; and by holding a moisture content greater than its fibre saturation point, Green Oak serves as the best material for benches that are likely to get wet.

Famous landmarks and buildings constructed using Green Oak

Many of the world’s most established architectural constructions famously used Green Oak as their core material. As well as its longevity, Green Oak also has the ability to be crafted into beautiful and intricate designs, which can be seen in the various examples below:

Pilton Barn

Windsor Castle

Our range of Green Oak products

In addition to the broad range of established buildings that are manufactured using Green Oak, we also produce a wide range of our products using the same materials.

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