The Port bench

The Port Bench is a contemporary durable piece of street furniture that will complement a wide variety of public spaces.

The bench features a Steel frame with a porthole feature gives a light, dramatic feel to the work.

The seats are comfortable, free draining and very robust.

The frame is constructed from 6mm steel and comes in a range of finish options including powder-coated, hot dip galvanised or stainless steel.

The slats are available in locally sourced larch, acoya wood, natural or charred oak or FSC iroko.

A choice of anti-skate studs can also be fitted.

As our benches are made to order and can be altered to suit clients’ needs.Port bench

Standard Data

Product Type:Bench Seating


Material:FSC hardwood,Larch or Oak

Finish:Charred Or Natural



Length:1500mm - 3000mm

Suitability:Streets / Parks / Offices / Schools