Charred Larch Cladding,Shou Sugi Ban

Charred timber and the rise of shou sugi ban as a cladding and fencing material it seems too be getting very popular and has sprung up every were from gardens at the Chelsea flower show too uber trendy building cladding

So what is Shou Sugi Ban Yakisugi? It translates as “burnt cedar board”.


This process was invented as a way to make wood less susceptible to fire and to keep away insects and rot, on the face of it this traditional Japanese technique involves simply burning your building materials.


It goes without saying its not quite as simple as this it takes practice patience and a great deal of experimenting too get a dark even finish


The idea is to burn the surface of wood to a varying degree of charring. Then the burnt surface can be left completely untouched, or it can be heavily or lightly scrubbed, you can then seal with a clear coat or a stain. The charred surface is then naturally rot, pest, weather, UV, and fire resistant, in addition to being aesthetically striking, and hauntingly beautiful


Charred cladding is having a real resurge in popularity at the moment it is turning up in all kinds of location from funky city lofts in New York too news stands on the banks of the Thames.

contemporary-exterior Brooklyn-residence-by-Loading-Dock-Five-with-HAI-charred-cypress-from-reSAWN-TIMBER-Remodelista

If you read the architectural press you would be forgiven for thinking this is a new reinvention of a mysterious eastern alchemy, not so!

Shropshire farmers have been burning the base of fence posts for centauries,

The artists David Nash has become known around the world for his chainsaw carved burnt sculpture.


We have also been producing charred timber street furniture for over 15 years for a huge variety of schemes all around the country.

Our public seating tends too be made from either. Local oak, larch or Douglas fir


We burn scrub and finish the timber too a wonderful textured sheen, the resulting charred surface works extremely well in parks and gardens its tough, long lasting and colour fast and the contrast between the black furniture and foliage is striking all year round


Street Furniture - Charred Green Oak Ripple Bench

Charred Green Oak Ripple Bench

northwich squarePiercedCharredOakSeating3

As well as our range of charred oak street furniture, we are also able too supply a wide range of charred cladding in a number of profiles and finishes we can also supply fencing in locally grown charred cedar, larch, oak or sweet chestnut


So if you would like too know more about this unique finish and use it in one of your projects ,why not talk too us? with 20 years experience in this field you can rest assured that we know what we are doing.