5 Cool Bespoke Street Furniture Projects

Street furniture is an incredibly popular form of landscape design and production throughout the United Kingdom. Benches, in particular, provide visitors of a settlement a useful place to rest and admire their surroundings. In addition to this, street furniture also helps define an area and provide it with character. Many towns and cities become instantly recognisable thanks to their items of street furniture, which in turn, become iconic landmarks that give people a reason to visit a particular urban or rural location.

Over the last fifteen years, at Chris Nangle Furniture, we have designed street furniture for local authorities, top landscape architects, park developers and many other organisations.

Each project we take on requires a different outcome, depending on its location and purpose. To help show you some of our most unique work,  we have listed five iconic bespoke street furniture projects, which have helped define our craft and the settlements that they’re a part of.

Narrow oak boat marina in Northwhich Cheshire

Northwhich Marina narrow aok boat

We produced a series of bespoke oak seats, which were sat on top of stone gabions. We also designed and made six large charred and natural oak benches too fit in with the historical loading trams of the salt industry.

The materials we used helped provide unique character to its surrounding settlement. Fitting in with the historical loading trams of the salt industry, charred oak served as the ideal material for both aesthetic and maintenance purposes.

Northwhich Witton Street Public Realm Improvements

oak bench with inscription

Working in conjunction with visual artist Katayoun Dowlatshahi, we created bespoke oak bollards to help transform Northwhich Witton by implementing elements of traditional paving, street furniture and engaging public art.

Perhaps the most distinguishable element of the oak bollards is the metal caps which were shaped like salt pillars. Furthermore, they helped provide historical reference to the town’s unique and distinguishable traditional paving and public art.

The influence of the designs for this project came from the town’s  history and was exceptionally enjoyable to work on and something which was greatly appreciated by its citizens.

Brixton Primary School oak tree bench

Brixton oak tree seat

After being contacted  by a primary school in Brixton, we worked on a project that produced some bespoke seating and planters for its students.

Working closely alongside a local architect, we manufactured a collection of bespoke playground seats with adjustable feet from locally sourced sweet chestnut. We also made a very large sweet chestnut tree seat, which could seat a class of children. We also made some large planters for the playground.

The work proved a big hit with the children and adults alike.

Therapy garden oak seating

Birds sing the colours I love oak bench

Our therapy garden project was assigned to us by the NHS and Central Scotland Forest Trust. The brief was to create a therapy garden and safe environment for patients at the new Forth Valley Royal Hospital to enjoy.

It was imperative for the garden to be low maintenance as well as relaxing and aesthetically pleasing to both passers-by and visitors.

The seating and shelters we produced were able provide shelter for all weathers in the shape of two cube units with integrated shade sails. The cube units were made from burnt green oak, which is colourfast and requires no maintenance whatsoever.

Our therapy garden seating project has proved to be a popular landmark since it was produced. We are delighted to know that patients of the Central Scotland Forest Trust are able to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings in peace and harmony.

Green oak sail table

Green oak sail table

Our green oak sail table in conjunction with Timberintent stands out as one of our most unique bespoke furniture projects to date. Surrounded by water, its primary objectives were to fit well within its surroundings whilst setting a distinguishable environmental tone for both local citizens and tourists.

Leaning slightly to one side, the sail table portrays movement and motion much like the water nearby. This style of seating really helps capture the environment and its relaxing nature.

The green oak sail table has proved to be a real hit amongst people who’ve visited the area; another great accomplishment for our passionate team of carpenters and furniture designers.


In addition to the ones mentioned in this article, there are many additional street furniture projects that we’re proud to put are name to. View our full range of bespoke street furniture to see our latest projects. Additionally, we highly advise new visitors to view our Why Buy From Us section to learn more about what makes us stand out from our competitors. Alternatively, contact us today for more information or enquires.